A New Article "Inscribing the Soul: Cerebral Ventricles as Symbolic and Material Boxes." Knowledge in Boxes. Mattering Press, 2020. www.matteringpress.org.

A New Book by Jameson Kısmet Bell: Performing the Sixteenth Century Brain

We interviewed with Jameson Kısmet Bell about the process of writing his book and its potential contributions to the interdisciplinary area of medical humanities.

You are examining two books, Hans von Gersdorffs’s Fieldbook of Surgery and Lorenz Fries’ Mirror of Medicine. How did you decide to examine these two books and what is the importance of these books in terms of the representations of brain?

Thank you for the questions and the opportunity to share a little about my new book, Performing the Sixteenth-Century Brain. Gersdorff’s Feldtbuch der Wundtartzney (Fieldbook of Surgery, 1517) and Fries’ Spiegel der Artzny (Mirror of Medicine, 1518) were accidental discoveries I made during research .... (continue reading)

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