Fall 2023: EL 201.01

Class Times: Tues 10-10:50 /Fri 11-12:50 

Places: Tues: M 2171 Fri: NH 402

Office Hours: (by appointment!) Tues 13-15:00 / Fri: 13-15:00 


Course Description 

This course will introduce students to a wide range of medieval literary and natural philosophical texts, with Geoffrey Chaucer our primary focus. In addition to recognizing and appreciating medieval (Middle English) forms and genres, literary conventions and strategies, themes, plots, and characters, we will read a number of texts focused on an often-confusing medieval “style of thought.” Throughout, we will draw our attention to various aspects of English life in the Middle Ages, including feudal structures and courtly culture, the diversity of religious experience and the development of a standard English vernacular. This background information will offer students a fuller understanding of Chaucer’s legacy as well as help students recognize and appreciate medieval sensibilities, which began to change during and  after the renaissance.


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