EL 303: Restoration and Augustan Literature

Course Description

This course will introduce students to Restoration and Augustan Literature, or English writings from 1660 and the restoration of the Monarchy in England to the end of the 1700s. This period is also known as the beginning of the Enlightenment in philosophy, Sensibility in literature, later Romanticism in poetry (1790s), and the soon-to-be Victorian Age in society and politics (19th century). We’ll look at satire, dramatic poetry, the beginnings of the novel, periodicals, literary criticism, as well as some marginalized voices.

These are images of  street hawkers or sellers.  They come from The Cryers of the City of London Drawn after the Life (1687), a collection that offers printed images and background information about city street life and sounds.  You can see more of the book HERE (Updates Soon!).