EL 202: Renaissance Literature

Course information: Most materials for this course are on Moodle. You can also check supplemental lectures and information on Renaissance history, literature, art and culture HERE

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Syllabus ( Moodle)

Background (see Moodle for PASSWORD)

Close Readings (See Moodle) 

Timeline of the Long 16th Century 

Political History

The Courtier  

Notes to Lyric Poetry  Astrophel & Stella (Sonnets I & CVIII) (See Moodle: updated 29.02.2024)

The Book of Common Prayer 

Dr. Faustus 

Elizabeth I (1533/58-1603): David Starkley's Video Biography Part I  Part II Part III

Francois Rabelais (1483-1553): Images

Spencer & Fletcher

                        The Faerie Queene & The Purple Island