EL201 Medieval Literature

This course will introduce students to a wide range of medieval literary, medical, and natural philosophical texts, with Geoffrey Chaucer our primary focus. The goal of his course is to recognize,  appreciate, and analyze medieval (Middle English) literary forms and genres,  conventions and strategies, themes, plots, and characters. Background information in the form of lectures and other material will offer students a fuller understanding of the diversity of Middle English Literature as well as Chaucer’s legacy.

Materials on this site will supplement online lectures, moodle files, and course reader.

Images:Hildegard von Bingen, Miniatur from the Rupertsberger Codex of the Liber Scivias (11th century)Sebastian Brandt, "Mad Scholar," from The Ship of Fools (1493)"Jongleurs and troubadours performing for Holy Roman Emperor of Germany," from facsimile of the 14th century Manesse Codex